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Man ... 
09:38pm 18/09/2005
mood: bored
Nobody posts in this anymore, so I'm just going to lose at Jargon until you people start keeping this active.

"Come On Eileen" is, technically speaking, the greatest song in the history of the world.
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Your reaction isn't as good as my action. 
03:18pm 24/09/2004
  Well, I thought of a way to make this more active. Instead of attempting to initiate a discussion here... we'll just do what Paul did in his last post and post AIM conversations (or phone conversations, or any other discussion you've had during the day.) where a Jargon has occurred. Then we'll more or less act like a Jargon rules board. Which basically means we just continue the argument here and see how things turn out.  
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this argument was simply rediculous 
10:30pm 29/08/2004
  malignantpenguin: jargon motherfucker
i cant read 01: on what?
malignantpenguin: ummmmmmmmmmm
malignantpenguin: ummmmmmmmmmm
malignantpenguin: on my existence
malignantpenguin: there
malignantpenguin: ha
malignantpenguin: i win
i cant read 01: no you dont
malignantpenguin: yes i do
i cant read 01: the fact that your typing clearly states you exist
malignantpenguin: ah
i cant read 01: the fact that your responding to me refutes your argument at every step
malignantpenguin: not necessarily
malignantpenguin: i could be a program that is writing the responses
i cant read 01: ah
malignantpenguin: so again
malignantpenguin: ha
i cant read 01: but you didnt specify WHO or WHAT you are, so you were just saying that YOU didnt exist
malignantpenguin: shit
i cant read 01: and a program that functions SHOULD and DOES exist
malignantpenguin: i lose
i cant read 01: i know
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08:50pm 18/08/2004
  ok, so basicly

you can jargon somebody if you think they made a false statement, or just want to challenge the issue

the loser loses a hundred points, the winner recieves nothing

no two people can jargon the same person on the same issue at the same time, however another person can jargon somebody during a jargon session if it is a jargon on a subject that was stated for rebuttal reasons but not having to do with the initial jargoned subject

three or more parties in a jargon is a multiplyer effect and this rule should be discussed as to how its situated

a joke jargon can be called for the case where you dont want to risk loosing points but in turn cannot make the other party loose points this is called a fargo

a joke jargon can be turned into a real jargon by calling a bismark

(question to other members: how does one change a fargo to a bismark?)
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Well, possession IS 90% of the law... 
05:04am 05/07/2004
  Well, I haven't gotten around to doing anything with this yet... and I'm gone for the next week.. but without a doubt, I'll do something with this as soon as I return. Or maybe even whilst I'm gone... we shall see. Either way... nothing yet. Obviously.  
People galore! 
03:46am 27/06/2004
mood: quite pleased
I just checked the info page to see if anyone had joined yet. I was startled to see that NINE people have already joined. This will definitely start filling up with plenty of Jargon! later this week. As for tonight... I'm too tired and have been too busy. Mwuahahaha... excellent...
Jargon! is born on the pages of LiveJournal! 
01:53am 26/06/2004
  Ah, a forum with which the events of Jargon! can be chronicled. This is a community for everyone with an intertest in the obscure, the random, calvinball, or just plain arguing in general. It won't take long to learn the rules of the game. Or... actually... it will take forever. Since Jargon! is simply a verbal game based loosely on Calvinball... the rules are ever evolving and there are but a few basic principles. The initial rules list will be completed and posted in the coming days. (ie: I'm far too lazy to type it up now.) So join, and check back frequently. Interesting (intelligent? ha!) discussion will hopefully be constantly underway.

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