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Man ...

Nobody posts in this anymore, so I'm just going to lose at Jargon until you people start keeping this active.

"Come On Eileen" is, technically speaking, the greatest song in the history of the world.
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from a technical standpoint.....no, thats just absurd, theres no waya song based in four/four and is simple enough for the general public to understand, technically superior to well...anything else
Although I don't agree that most people actually understand Come On Eileen, such a quality should ENSURE its superiority. What good is music that can't affect every person? If you could make the most beautiful song in the world but nobody else could understand, what's the point?

Also, simplicity in music, I feel, is much like simplicity in the realm of fauna. The simpler the creature, the longer standing it is. Take, for instance, cockroaches. They've been around FAR longer than have any mammal, and it's due to their simple and yet EFFECTIVE design.
but your original statement dealt with its technical aspects, which are not superior to any other song. infact its a strait textbook equation as to how to make a good pop song.

so from a technical stand point

your just wrong
I'm glad you caught that. Minus a hundred points for me! WEE!
What good is music that's effect on a person is to make them vomit and desire to slaughter those innocent folk around them? I'm thinking that song just sucks.
maybe it's cause you haven't seen the awesome video... hicks in overalls! you can't go wrong with hicks in overalls. you gonna go against your last name or somethin'?
I absolutely abhor my last name. It's about on par with a black guy having the last name "nigger" or a jew with the last name "kyke." It's just fucking irritating.
Woah, woah, WOAH. The song doesn't SUCK. The fact that it can evoke emotion at ALL in everybody makes it wonderful. That's more than I can say for MANY groups, such as Audioslave, Alice in Chains, Tool ...

Not to mention it's the song that evokes my power at its most potent level.
Unless boredom counts as an emotion, in which case, the groups named above can qualify.
I disapprove of the bands you've named. They each have.... moments. Acoustic Alice in Chains is pretty damn good and Tool is fucking awesome. Audioslave... eh. Fuck Audioslave. RATM and Soundgarden were both better.