A shade Molly (tor_say_ugg) wrote in jargonauts,
A shade Molly

Jargon! is born on the pages of LiveJournal!

Ah, a forum with which the events of Jargon! can be chronicled. This is a community for everyone with an intertest in the obscure, the random, calvinball, or just plain arguing in general. It won't take long to learn the rules of the game. Or... actually... it will take forever. Since Jargon! is simply a verbal game based loosely on Calvinball... the rules are ever evolving and there are but a few basic principles. The initial rules list will be completed and posted in the coming days. (ie: I'm far too lazy to type it up now.) So join, and check back frequently. Interesting (intelligent? ha!) discussion will hopefully be constantly underway.

To join, click here!
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